Pregnant women and bicycles

Using a bike is a good habit that more and more women practice every day. This positive and objective issue can become controversial as it comes to pregnant women. Although I am not the best person to talk about it since I am a man, I have read about it. Women opinions on this subject are as valuable as scarce, or at least not so widely known as they should be.

Bikeactivist women opt for continuing pedaling while pregnant in most cases. It is only rejected when their doctors or midwifes discourage them because of high risk pregnancy. In this case, mother love puts on top the baby health. On the other hand, brave women do not mind prejudices from antiquated people and decide to live their lives as they want. Some argue that a pregnant women who is riding can suffer a drop, similarly as when she walks on the street or drives a car. Hopefully, time will make forget this bogus argument.

A pregnant woman can tire more than a non-pregnant woman specially in the last stage of pregnancy while riding a bike due to the extra weight she burdens. It is not rocket science. But what many women and almost every man do not know is that pedaling when pregnant is a good way to practice moderate exercise as well as protecting both, mum and baby health, for most women.

Some pregnant women face opposition to those who criticize them for using bikes. Just fuck them. Women are free to do whatever they want.

Finally, here you have five tips in case you want to ride a bike while pregnant:

  • Talk to your gynecologist

  • Use an appropriate bicycle

  • Prioritize your security (and your baby’s)

  • Listen to your body

  • Plan your route

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