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Importance of lights

Bicycle lights are essential components when riding at night and under low-visibility conditions. They are compulsory in most cities. It sounds logical, but there are still bikers who do not use them nowadays. This is an unnecessary endangered situation in order to avoid crashes not only with cars, but also with pedestrians, pets and street furniture.

Some people say that there are two types of lights: To see, and others to see you. The first kind usually produces low light and other actors in street detects you when you are close. Moreover, it is difficult to identify bumps on the street. On the other hand, the second type of lights is able to illuminate the street and people spot you sometimes from distances above one hundred meters.

Public institutions carry on specific campaigns to promote the use of lights when riding a bike from time to time. Surprisingly, you can find street dispensers in which you can buy bicycle lights in Amsterdam. In another Netherlander city, the Hague, a parade with illuminated bikes is organized every year. Since you can imagine, it is a party at the beginning of November. Take into account that the dusk is at about 4 pm there. The organizers of De Haagse Fietslichtjesparade proposed it say hello to Winter and gathered 150 bikers from 4 to 88 years. The ride takes place on rich and poor neighborhoods and includes a special stop in order to drink hot chocolate to fight against cold.