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Bike and health

Riding a bike is commonly understood as a way to practice aerobic exercise since there is not need to carry too much weight and its design eases riding even for fat people. Nevertheless, there are improvements like rear racks, bicycle trailers or bags which make it even light. From a healthy point of view, studies across the world have been done to determine to which degree riding is beneficial to people. The overwhelming literature conclude how good is to ride. By making regular cycling, the risk of death from all causes is cut by more than 40% and the reduction in the risk of cancer and heart disease is 45% ( Mental health is also boost by biking. And the benefits are not only experienced by individuals’ health, but also the whole society (

Just to name one paper, a scientific study (among others) ( demonstrates that cycling makes younger the immune system. Kind of rejuvenate oneself. It is marvelous. Moreover, it preserves muscles and helps maintaining controlled levels of body fat and cholesterol. Better than taking drugs, biking is an excellent allied for senior citizens. There is no need to use face creams to hold back the effects of ageing. Just ride a bicycle!


Ciclosfera is the name of the most important Spanish urban bike magazine. Its name comes from the words ciclo (cycle) and esfera (sphere), remembering the shape of the bike wheels, its movement and symbolically the non-stop evolution of it. It is the most popular one in Spain with around 100 pages. You can find it at bike stores and workshops in more than twenty-seven cities. Adds and subscribers fund it to allow it being totally free. What is it so important? Among the team of good reporters who write exciting articles, there is a wide range of themes which are treated. Security, bike-friendly cities, interviews, thrift stores, the last fashion, good photos, news, architecture, personages, followers interactions, round tables, cartoons, you name it. The last products from bike firms and parts producers are shown as well as bike culture in the broadest sense of its meaning. This quarterly magazine goes down a treat of urban bikers and gives ideas about how to improve a bike, a ride or the next travel. Furthermore, the most exciting bike events come under in a specific section every three months. It is extremely complicated to think about a subject which is not cover by Ciclosfera.

You can check it on (in Spanish). It is also presented in the social networks.