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Bike bells

Bike bells were originally thought to prevent crashes with other actors in streets or roads. Moreover, you can heard the sound it produces when a biker says hello to a friend or relative without opening her mouth, or just when she wants to attract attention on whatever subject. In most cases, bikers use the traditional bike bell which consists on clinking a piece of metal or plastic and produces sound on an additional piece of metal.

A different version of bells is done when the biker pushes a small lever that activates the internal mechanism to produce the same target, but an easily appreciated, distinct, prolonged sound.

The above mentioned models have been used for ages and there is at least one more bike bell type. It consists in using the power of compressed air as a source to produce a more powerful sound. Some models overcome the impressive figure of 100 dB. Such compressed air can be provided by specific compressed air bottles or some models even allow you to produce it by using your bicycle pump. What is more, a biker can refill the compressed air bottle and thus protecting the environment. This last type of bike bells are quite more expensive than the traditional ones, but on the long run it can save money. Furthermore, the louder sound that it produces can be used to take advantage on other issues such as taking your noisy neighbor to task or alerting somebody, for instance whose bicycle is being stolen.