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Recumbent bicycles

Bicycles can be adapted to whoever, no matter his physical condition. In some cases cyclists can suffer if they use a bad saddle which can cause back and ass pain. Such was the reason why at least one bike manufacturer was created. In reality, the bike store is dedicated mainly to recumbent bicycles and by smaller amount cargo bikes. The recumbent bicycle allows biker to pedal more comfortable since she can lean also her back. However, one has to pay attention not to experience an exaggerated curve in the backbone between back and neck.

Positive points (more than allowing disable people use them) are:

– Extra stability thanks to the third wheel

– Good maneuverability after you learn movements and brakes since they are located differently as in a traditional bicycle

– High visibility at ground level

– Pedestrians look at them because the are few recumbent bicycles. The more recumbent bicycles, the more unnoticed will go.