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White bikes

In this post I am not referring to white bikes as opposite to black bikes. The white bikes are put in the places where a cyclist died, mainly as a result of a car accident. Those bikes are a kind of gravestone to remember the tragic event and in memory of the person who died. It is common that among the events to remember this cyclist, candles and/or flowers are placed next to it. Friends and local bikers offer their respects to the white bikes as they were the lost people. These monuments recall us we have to obey the traffic law, indicate our movements and use lights at night.



The Clàssic Ride

Have you ever imagined how could be the bikes in the late 20’s? Do you like dressing as in 1940? All these questions and much more can be answered in the Tweed Ride. The Tweed Ride is a global movement in which cyclists dress in traditional attire and ride classic bikes for fun. The event is usually done with no fixed date once a year. It depends on the desires of the local organizations. The ride goes mostly through the city center in order to evoke a vintage, magical picture card. Above all, it is a celebration.

The Clàssic Ride is the name of this exceptional event in the city of Valencia. The organizers worked hard to plan, design and advertise every aspect. We started from the Serrano towers (one of the ancient entrances to the city) and made a stop in the middle of the ride to recover energy by drinking horchata (a typical, sweet, refreshing beverage made from tiger nut). Then, we continued until a charming square in the neighbor of Campanar. Here, a group of swing dancers of the Spirit of St. Louis made a demonstration of their skills under lindy hop music. And finally, we enjoyed a picnic in the gardens.

Here, you can see a bunch of photos of the special atmosphere.