Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy is one of the best cycle tourists examples. This Irish octogenarian woman used his bicycle to travel the world in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. As a result, she wrote two dozens books explaining her stories with suggestive titles such as Full Tilt: Ireland to India in bicycle, or Wheels within wheels. She learnt riding a bike at the age of seven when a neighbour offered teaching her. From the very first moment she knew that she wanted to go to great lengths, as long as possible, though she could not buy her first bicycle until she was eighteen due to the fact that she spent her childhood in the Second World War.

Firstly, she rode on Ireland. Secondly, she crossed the English Channel and enjoyed cycling on Germany, France and Spain. The next trip was more ambitious. She pedaled for 7,216 kilometers (4,483 miles) from her native Lasmore to New Delhi. Few knew her plans, although one of her friends recommended her to pick a gun. She did it, but sold the gun in Afghanistan for ten dollars. Dervla still enjoys his memories about this country thanks to the beautiful outdoors she traveled along, the local cuisine and the Afghans’ hospitality. Most people offered her their own food and home because of the lack of hotels at that time. This adventurer used signs to communicate the more practical things with local people. Indeed, you can use sings to report non-complex issues. Avoid using it with subjects like politics.

As it comes to the current world, she thinks consumer society has converted us in idiots, including riders. On the other hand, Dervla affirms you just need a bicycle, strong legs and a saddlebag to start your bike touring journey.

Even if she did not feel problems for being a woman as she claimed, she celebrates the feminism movement and affirms today’s world is a better world for women.

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