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Sharing traffic, main problems in Valencia (3/5)

Awful bike-lines are located in several zones of Valencia. Although the new government is making efforts to eradicate them, there is still a long way to do. One of these is the infamous bike-line in the El Puerto avenue. It was built some weeks before the America’s cup back in 2007.

The set is discouraging as you can see in the photo.


Not only forces you to make an unnecessary turn, but also this particular point presents additional problems. Instead of following a logical path marked by the red line, bikers must also deal with reduced visibility thanks to the stand and some distracted pedestrians as this bike-line goes on the pavement.


Another example of a bad bike-line is shown next.


In this case, there is not enough distance between it and the parked cars. It can be that if a co-pilot does not realize a bike is approaching from the right or the left, an accident is guaranteed.

Sharing traffic, main problems in Valencia (2/5)

One common problem for cyclists in Valencia is the existence of light-traffics in amber. I am not talking about the traditional cycle of green-amber-red, but rather amber or no-light specially in turns to the right. According to the Spanish law, cars should extreme attention in this circumstance. The point is the opposite to what should occur. Most car drivers do not take it into account and hence crash happens sometimes causing deaths. What is more, these signals are put next to zebra crossings while the bikes and pedestrians traffic-light is in green. In the next pictures you can see a classic example.



In some other parts in the city in which no bike-line is involved, riding on the road is also dangerous with amber light-traffics:


In this case smart assess try to overtake you by accelerating their cars while you are starting to ride. This causes a dangerous situation because most of them are idiot who do not care imperil their lives and those of people surrounding them.