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Ciclointegración is the invented Spanish word for the integration of determined ways of transport. In a few words, it means that the weak and sustainable vehicles should be integrated into roads. By this I am referring to bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. People who drive these should be treated as drivers since they drive vehicles and thus they should move on roads instead of sidewalks. Sidewalks should only belong to pedestrians.

Compare this idea with what is happening now. The vehicles I am talking about enjoy particular areas or lines sometimes stolen to walkers. So pedestrians feel city surface belonging to them is less and less. And do not forget, we all are pedestrian at first and then drivers. So pedestrian areas should be respected above all. Furthermore, potential crashes are avoided with ciclointegración for example between bicycles and people walking on sidewalks who are looking their mobiles or blind people.

Integration means do not create ghettos for green, cycle vehicles, better integrate them into roads. Moreover, thanks to this integration traffic is calmed as they move slower compared to cars and motorbikes. In turn, quality of life is increased, pollution is reduced and, in the long run, some intelligent people would probably stop driving cars because they would realize cars are not worth it.

Criticona 2019

Criticona is the annual Critical Mass in Spain. This huge event moves from city to city thanks to the democratic choice made by the participants in the previous year. It is coordinated by cyclists to riders. Urban cycling is motivated through different activities which are adapted to the organizing place. The organization offers free accommodation and cheap food to make it easy for visitors. Hence, the key target constitutes forming a gigantic Critical Mass since it is the country Critical Mass from the cities Critical Masses.

This year the Criticona will take place in Madrid. A fantastic group of bikers has been working on it for months. The programming can be consulted in the organization official blog (in Spanish). Basically, it starts on 25th April and ends on 28th April. The events per day are specified:

– 25th: Non-mixed riding (riding only for women) + The monthly Madrid Critical Mass

– 26th: Cyclist women experiences discussion + Bike-tapas

– 27th: Meloncleta + Picnic + Event to claim for intermodality + Interplanetary Critical Mass + Party

– 28th: Non-mixed riding (riding only for women) + Historic riding + Picnic

It is highly advisable that you fill the official form if you come from a place other than Madrid.

You can not miss it!

The Bike Equity Network

As in many countries, the USA has a lot of groups which enjoy the bicycle. Among them, there is the Bike League. Its main aim is to “make bicycling safe and comfortable for people of all ages in all communities” with special stress on youth, women and people of color who are underrepresented in many bike efforts and local transportation decisions. And they are right! In too many cases politicians do not take into account the more vulnerable people. If laws are focused on healthy, white, middle age men, they leave other people unprotected. Moreover, the sum of youth, women and people of color (plus senior citizens) makes the majority of USA population. To fulfill this target, they count with an Equity Advisory Council since 2013.

The more people ride bikes, the better the life for everyone. They also establish to strength communities and make them safer and better connected. Cars do not fit in this concepts melting pot and people are in the center. As they affirm, they see bike advocacy as a civic engagement opportunity, and all ways of experiencing biking and streets matter.

History says the League was founded as the League of America Wheelmen back in 1880. Wheelmen were challenged by rutted roads of gravel and dirt and faced antagonism from horsemen, wagon drivers and pedestrians at that time.

They count with key programs such as Bicycle friendly America, Smart cycling, Promoting bicycling or Making biking better throughout which they develop most of its activities.