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The anillo ciclista

A great transformation is being done in Valencia regarding bike infrastructure. The most incredible bike line is the perimeter of the former city wall above the important projects. Let’s learn a little bit of history. The city wall was built in the XIV century by Pedro el Ceremonioso to protect the city against pirates and muslins. It accomplished quite well this function until it was pulled down in the XIX century to allow the city growth. Historic documents show it.

It has been transformed in one of the city highways following its former perimeter in the century XX. It has been formed by four to six lines (mostly car lines) which produced noise and pollution, and locked downtown up in an unhealthy circle. The local government is transforming it in the anell ciclista (cyclist ring).

In a few words, it consists in a bi-directional bike line with a physical barrier so that cyclists can ride it in a safe way without worrying about cars. Cars lose one or two lines and traffic is calmed down. Moreover, more bike racks have been implemented in the route. At the same time pedestrians are safer and do not feel cars pressure so stifling as before.