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The Wright brothers

The Wright brothers are world-widely known as the aviation pioneers in America, generally credited with inventing, building and flying the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane. Thus, initiating the race to conquer the skies. What most people, even most bikers, do not know is that Orville and Wilbur delved into the passionate area of bikes.

They opened a bike shop in 1892. The business was called Wright Cycle Exchange and located in 1005 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio, USA. Here, they repaired and sold first and second-hand bicycles. Thanks to being extremely restless and technology passionate, they expanded their business and created a bike factory in 22 South Williams Street, Dayton, in 1894. The Wright Bicycle Company saw the birth of the opulent Van Cleve bicycle, named in honor of their great-great-grandmother, as well as the more available St. Clair. They built about 300 bicycles per year with prices between $42.5 and $65. Furthermore, those bikes experienced technical improvement due to the technological advancement of the Wright brothers. For example, they implemented sophisticated backpedal brakes or a special lubrication system because of the Dayton streets dust.

However, their interest in the bicycle world diminished little by little and it changed to follow the primary feature of birds: The flying capacity. Some points made it available. On the one hand, Orville and Wilbur competed in a saturated market in which brands allowed little space to craftsmen. Dayton saw Wright rivals like George P. Huffman who created the Dayton Special or the Dayton Racer. These both resulted in the legendary Huffy Bikes. On the other hand, the Wright brothers continued following their interests and variability. Hence, they moved forward to the next step.

Bike and food

Riding a bike means practicing sport even if it is a relaxing pedaling. Although most of bikers are not considered professional ones like those who participate in the Tour of France, the Giro of Italy or the Vuelta of Spain, we should consider suitable food to eat before starting pedaling. Cycling, as well as every aerobic exercise, causes a reduction in the simple carbohydrates content of your body and it can diminish your fat proportion. This fact appears after sugars provide energy to your muscles. Thus, if you want to reduce brown fat, practice aerobic exercises.

Eaten food before pedaling can produce two effects in your body. First, eating energy-rich food (with lots of complex carbohydrates or fats) helps you exercising at least until this extra energy is burned. In fact, bikers who practice high-intensive, competitive exercises such as riding in the Tour, Giro o Vuelta, eat within stages to re-energize them. It is important that food provides complex carbohydrates. This way, body takes longer time to absorb it, so energy levels are higher when starting pedaling. Otherwise cyclers who eat simple carbohydrates would have much less energy because they eat one or more hours before starting exercising.

Second, eating too much can cause problems when cycling since body needs energy and blood to digest food. In other words, if you eat too much then your muscles and digestive tract compete with each other. The more energy and blood to muscle, the worse digestion. And the better digestion, the worse cycling.

Hence, take into account that food is an important issue to ride your bike.