Monthly Archives: July 2017

Changing habits

Let me tell you a story that has been repeating from the past century. We have a street and car stuck occurs often. Suddenly, one visionary says “Eh, we must improve the number of car lines so that cars won’t be in stuck anymore”. And then the street passes from two car lines to four ones at the expense of space for pedestrian. As a result, the number of cars also increases and car stuck comes in a few days. In this case the problem is even greater because space for pedestrian has been reduced and the more cars, the more pollution and noise.

One common argument of those who are blind to the improvement in sustainability produced by bikes lines, is to say that car lines reduction would be make everybody worse off. Note that the everybody in italic means “only themselves”. As the story I have explained earlier indicates, improvement in car infrastructure only causes more cars on streets. On the other hand, making bike lines on roads (and then reducing at least one car line) makes citizens better off as air quality improves and noises reduce. Moreover, as bikes take up less space as cars do, it is common that pedestrian space increases as bike line is built.

When car lines are reduced, dimwit car drivers blame against bike infrastructure instead of changing the car for the bike, the public transport or just walking. Replacing a habit by another is costing but if only they be open-minded enough to realize that everybody (now meaning each and every person) get better and improve their health.

What if I only have one locker

I have talked about how to lock the bicycle up in past posts. We all know how to do it rightly. Now, suppose you forget taking one locker, so that you ride happily your bike with only one locker. You realize it when you get your final location. But then you hesitate letting your bike on the street or going back to your start point as you do not want to lose your precious partner. There is one possibility of not returning and locking up your bike on the street. We will need an adjustable wrench or a front wheel with quick release mechanism for such a task. First, we find a proper object to lock it up. Second, we dismantle the front wheel. Third, we use our unique locker to lock up the rear wheel with the frame plus the front wheel. I know it sounds crazy, but it can be done. Just look carefully at the next picture. Finally, take into account that it is better to lock up your bike with one locker if you use the strongest one and put your bicycle face up (unlikely to the bike in the photo).