Monthly Archives: July 2018

Bike jousting

From a historical perspective, a jousting is a combat in which two jousters on horses try to impact each other with lances. In the bicycle word, this concept has been adapted so that instead of using horses, bicycles are ridden. Lances have been substituted by plastic sticks in order to avoid serious injuries and contenders carefully respect the rules.

The Black Label Bike Club is internationally famous by its bike jousting. Once a year, they make a huge party on Brooklyn, New York, in which this event takes place. Although all the bicycle types can be used, tall bikes are employed to add more emotion to the combats here. Surprisingly, they have not had problems with the police even when alcohol is present.

Bicycle jousting can also be seen at Voldenpark, Amsterdam, each summer.

Monster bikes

The term monster bike refers to constructions relatively similar to bicycles but different than ordinary bikes. A monster bike has more or less the same elements as theirs: chain, wheels, handlebars and so on. Some of them are modified on purpose just to show off or to create a sense of illusion or amusement when people see them. I wrote about the tall bike ridden by Quico and this is a kind of monster bike. One only needs imagination, the appropriate parts and perhaps a blowtorch in order to create monster bikes such as the following.


More elaborated monster bikes look like this: