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Andy Singer

Andy Singer was born in New York and moved in Berkeley (California) and Saint Paul (Minnesota). He has not car even in living in the USA and thinking highways are too wide, buildings are too separated and there is too much space for motorways and car parking. This is something that town planners call “sprawl”. As a result, it is a waste of time, space and gas. He also reckons that people who drive cars on a regular basis see the world through their windscreen and do not stop to talk to citizens, neither appreciate their surroundings. He goes a step further and as a ecologist he affirms cars pollute waterway when it rains on highways, as well as negative impacts of gas leaks and petrol industry. Moreover, in his opinion electric cars will not solve these problems since the environmental impacts in the raw material extraction, transformation and end of life will continue. In contrast, a bike uses much less resources than a car and has a longer life expectancy. He finally concludes that as a cyclist and does not pay for gas, tolls, insurances and other expenses for having a car.

Riding in Saint Paul is pleasant thanks to the efforts in building bike lines, is an almost flat location and has large parks close to the Mississippi river. But the worst is pedaling in winter when the temperature diminishes to -30 degrees Celsius. In this case he uses fat bikes (bikes with fat wheels) and a tricycle to go shopping.

Moreover, he makes cartoons about bikes (among others) and does it because he communicates with the world through them and are based on his experiences and interests. He drew for The New Yorker and The New York Times, but most of his clients are independent media.