United bikers

It is a common believe that when people unite, they are more powerful. History has shown that what is almost impossible to reach for a single person, it can be done when dozens, hundreds or millions join together. The biking movement is not an exception. Organizations like BiciRed México or Conbici are clear examples at country level. The first one represents the bike throughout Mexico. Not only does it promotes people moving in a sustainable way, but also launches campaigns to improve human health and environment. Who would deny slogans like “more human cities” or “let’s reduce death in roads”? These messages aim to realize people the benefices of bikes in a friendly, universal way. BiciRed México, Conbici as well as other national associations coordinate movements of smaller, usually local associations. Conbici is the Spanish coordinator of dozens of smaller associations. Sometimes there are more than one association by city. It acts as a catalyst of the main tendencies in biking and defends bikers rights against undesirable law changes. And finally, the more we are, the more power we have.

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