Titiribici is the artistic name of Pablo Olias, a Sevillian adventurer who rode 22,000 km in South America. He enjoyed marvelous landscapes and possibly suffered from extreme climate conditions from warm areas to snow, from mountains to salt lakes. Take into account the countries he visited: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chili, Argentina and Uruguay. Up until now, this amazing travel constitutes a great achievement, but in reality it is even greater. Not only did he rode his bike in those countries, he also did it by stretching a trailer inside which he kept his puppets. He represented a show in every village he arrived. This fact made him popular among the people and above all the children. Thousands had fun with the stories and also organized a workshop so that children could manufacture puppets, sets, scripts and developed several ideas to create stories, to set free the imagination.

He started playing with puppets 25 years ago and still preserves the pixide of this period. He has a webpage (http://www.titiribici.com) on which you can have an idea of this magic travel on a bike. Do not miss his impressive video (https://youtu.be/R0IxSo1oZXM). From this experience, he always brings his puppets with him as they can be called his close friends.

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