The Pitiusona

Once a year, a big, interplanetary Critical Mass called the Criticona is done in a different location in Spain. It has been taken place in Madrid, Bilbao, Valladolid, Gijón, Valencia and Barcelona in the past. Everyplace has adapted its name to the specific event. In this edition, the Criticona will full Ibiza with bikes. For such a reason, the Criticona is called Pitiusona as “pitiusas” is another name for the Balearic islands.

The central activity will be developed on the 29 of April, consisting of a easy ride on decorated bicycles with colored strips, banners and balloons on Ibiza. Nevertheless, a lot of activities will be producing from 28 April to 1 May.

  • 28 April: Visit to the Bicycle museum on the morning. On the afternoon, riding to the Can Jordy Blues station
  • 29 April: Ride to the natural park Ses Salines and working-class eating on the morning. Interplanetary Pitiusona at 18:00. When finalizing, the location for the next Criticona will be made.
  • 30 April: Riding the bike to San Antonio cycle track and bike activities. Big paella to eat. On the evening, cycling to a small, secret bay to admire the sunset.
  • 1 May: Farewell

Organizers help with accommodation and meals, offering them at low prices or even free. You can not miss it!

All the information can be found in The Pitiusona (in Spanish).

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