The Bike Zoo

Bicycles can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. Some people use them as tools for practicing sports. Some others see them as day-to-day means of conveyance. The more artistic persons consider them as ways of expressing art, thus decorating bikes according to what they want express.

In the last group, there is a company in Austin (Texas, USA) which appreciate bicycles as supports for incredible animal shape figures. They develop kind of sculptures based on nature with impressive similarity. The Bike Zoo (as they call it) offers outstanding monster bikes which make children and adults smiling and having a good time. They do their show mainly in the USA. Just check this video in order to see what they do: The Bike Zoo video. They act for everybody from art events, parades or schools to universities, festivals and botanical gardens. They performance a magical and interactive environment for people by showing armadillos, butterflies, bats, eagles, mantis, owls you name it. You can book the whole zoo or a la carte on their webpage. They also belong to the Texas Commission on the Arts.

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