The 2017 World Bike Forum

A World Bike Forum (WBF) is a yearly event in which most of the issue related to urban cycling and mobility are discussed. One can find planning of cities, innovative actions on bike infrastructure or the main tendencies in urban cycling. It started in 2011 as a result of the tragic collision first anniversary. On the eve of the Critical Mass in Porto Alegre, a mad driver deliberately collided with around 20 cyclists on February 25. The next year, the first edition of the World Forum took place in the very same city. The Brazilian city repeated as WBF host city the next year. In 2014, another Brazilian city organised it. Then, it moved to Medellin (Colombia) in 2015 and Santiago (Chile) in 2016. This year Mexico city will be the city host of the WBF.

Among all, the best way to define it is freedom. The key principles are:
– Freeness: All the activities in the Forum are free
– Horizontally: The organizing work is done by volunteers, all the information is public and only flat organisation is allowed
– Most of the activities are self managed
– It is done by people for people, hence no publicity, logos or trademarked brands are allowed

The event will take place in Mexico in April 19th-23th 2017. It is so important that even the United Nations has cover its press conference launching ( You can’t miss it!

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