Tall bike

A tall bike is a special type of bicycle which is part of the commonly known as monster bikes. In a few words, it consists in two bicycles one above the other. Just pick up one bike without seat, pedals and handlebar, so with only wheels and frame, and weld it on another bike without wheels. As a result we have a double bike as you can see in the photo bellow. Of course, the chain length must increase since the distance between sprockets and crankset has increased. And as you can imagine, this simple concept has evolved to more incredible monster bikes.

From the biker perspective, riding a tall bike changes the way you ride a normal bike. You need an extra push to climb the tall bike. Once you reach the seat, you have a better vision since the higher you ride, the less obstacles impede your sight. Moreover, your visibility goes up as your shape is higher even towering over vans. Furthermore, you can carry more bicycle bags. This last point has had important considerations in long routes such as the Quico one. Finally, people amazes when seeing one tall bike.







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