Solid tires

Some years ago, a new generation of tires for bicycles appeared in the market. Its main innovation consisted in being solid. This issue is widespread in other markets such as motorbikes or scooters. As far as I know, Tannus and few other companies sell them. The first firm sells solid, patented tires. Although they still present a low introduction in the bike market, those who have tested them offer interesting points in favor and against them.

On the one hand, the most positive issue is say goodbye to punctures and flat tires. Since it has no air, they can not get a puncture. Additionally, solid tires last for more time and kilometers in comparison with traditional tires. Versatility is also a good point at least in the Tannus catalog since other companies offer a reduced stock. Not only proposes this firm several tire colors, but also different sizes and surface patterns. Moreover, the impact of weather on them is reduced as a result of the specific chemical compounds (Either in the case of the Tannus tires) these tires are made of. What is more, at least in this case the material is environmentally safe.

On the other hand, such tires present disadvantages. They are more expensive and slightly outweigh the traditional tires. However, Tannus affirms that if you take into account the tools to repair a puncture, then their tires weight less than the air ones. Furthermore, and at least with the Tannus tires, the mounting process is peculiar. I am not saying that it is difficult or impossible, rather it is challenging and laborious, and you need to be strong enough specially in the mounting step. And the fact of no allowing adjusting air pressure based on terrain could be a problem if you ride on different surfaces.

A third option appeared in the marked consisting in the hybrid solution. I mean considering an air and solid tire. It has two zones. The inner one is similar to the traditional tire and full of air, whereas the outer area is exclusively solid. This way bikers gain extra resistance against punctures and they can adjust air pressure.

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