Preparing a great trip

When one decides to start a great bike trip, it is always a good idea to think in advanced about what objects to take. Here you have a proposed list:

  • A bicycle: Obviously a bike is needed, but consider incorporate a rear rack and a front rack to carry all the necessary. Do not discard additional racks. As it comes to the bicycle frame, it is a good idea to choose a steel bicycle frame.
  • Mobile phone: Even if one of the targets of practicing cycle tourism, a mobile phone is helpful in a critical situation. Turn it off in order to save battery and focus on your path.
  • Cash: It is possible that you can not find cash machines or use cards in your great trip. Having cash at hand, without having too much, can open some doors.
  • Water: Hydration is basic when pedaling long distances. Approximately determine your daily stages to calculate whether or not you will be able to replenish your bicycle jerrycans.
  • Gloves: They protect from cold and humidity. Even good gloves can protect you from a fall.
  • Rain jacket: Select the lightweight one which do not take up too much space so as to avoid downpours.
  • Saddlebags: If you are thinking in a great trip, it is recommended to carry a triple saddlebag on the back carrier: one on each side and the third on the back carrier. Additionally, some rider use a smaller, double saddlebag on the front carrier.
  • Helmet: It uses to be compulsory outside cities. Select a helmet with good ventilation and better if it incorporates lights.
  • Powerbank: If you carry gadgets, you need a powerbank. Remember charging it when you have the possibility.
  • Lights: Front and rear lights are compulsory in most traffic regulations. If they are charged through USB, you can use the powerbank.
  • GPS (if your mobile phone does not include it): To check what is your next path. Or you can also bring paper maps.
  • Sleeping bag: There are several types of sleeping bags in the market and choose the most appropriate one depending on the climate and temperatures of the planned dates.
  • Multitool: A multitool can save your day when you have a mechanical problem in your bike. A multitool with a chain cutter is always a good idea.
  • Tire levers: When you are riding and suffer from a wheel puncture, tire levers help you to strip the inner tube of the wheel. It is better carry plastic tire levers rather than metallic ones since you will save weight.
  • Patches: Essential objects to solve a wheel puncture.
  • Two new inner tubes: This way you solving a puncture will take you less time. Moreover, if you change your inner tubes because of punctures, do not forget to solve the problems.
  • Rainproof trousers: Pedaling when raining is an experience, but too much rain can cause you problems. With rainproof trousers you can avoid them. Another option is to look for a cover place and wait until rain stops.
  • Glasses: Even if you do not use it normally, pedaling with glasses is a good idea to protect your eyes from sun and avoid mosquitoes entering your eyes.
  • Bike pump: A small one. When you solve punctures or put a new inner tube, you need to blow up it with a bike pump.
  • A basic first-aid kit: Bandage, hydrogen peroxide, plaster, gauze and anti-inflammatories.
  • Underwear: Three as much. You can wash them when you stop.

And remember, the most weight in your saddle bags, the most effort you make in your great trip.

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