Open Cycle Map

Bike lines represent a good and safety infrastructure for cyclists when we want to ride the city and have been an essential part for the boom of environmentally friendly ways of transport. One can be used to riding on them in well-known places. But the problem comes when we want or need to do it in unknown places. There are some tips to face it like asking a friend or relative who lives there or searching the web for specific information. This last point can be tedious specially when you do not have a clear target to focus on and one can abort the search after a fruitless waste of time.

It would be great if all the bike lines in the world would be collected in the sense of having just one website with the whole information. Well, it already exists. Open Cycle Map offers this and much more under a free schema. The accurate world map allows looking for bike lines in whatever country by using the zoom + / – on the left-hand side. Moreover, this impressive web points out bike parking, bike shops, bike rental shops, toilets, cafes, drinking water, hospitals, post boxes, you name it ( If you are planning a bike trip, this is your reference web.

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