Mujeres bici-bles

Andrea María Navarrete is the founder of Mujeres Bici-bles, a bike women group with the aim to empower themselves. Mujeres Bici-bles is a Latin American social movement with headquarters in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Their main target is to help women to ride bikes in urban scenarios. Urban biking can be difficult for men, but it is more problematic for women specially in the patriarchal societies. Thanks to the mind of its founder, who is also a university teacher, urban cyclist and touring cyclist, this movement has quickly spread. They support other women who want to start riding a bike. For instance, in the Colombian cities of Bucaramanga and Salta, they have informal schools to teach more women pedaling.

OK, but what if I want to create a Mujeres Bici-bles group in my city? Well you can contact to Andrea María through [email protected] or Twitter (@MujeresBicicles).

She offers a talk, the group creation and, if future bikers want, interesting teachings about how to create the bike school for women in every city she travels. In return, Andrea María asks for help to move to another city and a place to spend a few days. Once the group is created, she proposes talks regarding genre perspective, and pedaling and mechanics workshops.

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