Mad boats race

Although a bicycle could be seen like a static vehicle, one can image a myriad of ways of using it differently just by looking at it closer. A “mad boat race” is a race of DIY kind of boats by using whatever people have on hand. It does not matter whether you utilize rubber rings, airbeds, wood strips and so on. They key point here is to have a good time not only during the building process, but in the race itself. Moreover, participants dress thematically up together with their boats, so a complete combination is reached. Finally, the race takes place usually in a linear or slightly curve trajectory, or in a circuit between two or more buoys.

What does that have to do with bikes? Well, an ingenious way to provide the needed energy to move such boats is through pedaling. One or more bicycles can be implemented in a boat to win the race by easy adjusting them. Here you have an example:

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