How not to lock your bike up

There are lots of ways of locking your bike up and the three essential parts you have to take into account consist in the wheels and the frame. The seat is also important if your bicycle has an easy-to-remove seat post. I am sure you have seen several examples of bikes which lack of a wheel and here I am going to show you extreme examples of harmed ones.

In this picture, the thief has stolen both the seat and the front wheel. This was done because the pad only locked up the frame. If the thief would had wanted to stole almost the entire bicycle, he could have done so.

Going a step further, in this photo the yellow bike’s owner locked it wrongly. He only secured the rear wheel and the frame, allowing the thief to steal the front wheel, the seat and the handlebars, not to mention the apparent low-quality bicycle lock.

Although it could sound a little alarming, having good bike locks and knowing how to use them properly are about to save your bike from thieves.

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