Great journeys on bike

There are a bunch of special bikers who ride the world just for the pleasure of traveling and enjoying the bicycle, meaning they ride for thousands of kilometers in only one trip. If you have ever seen a bike with lots of panniers, you have probably come across one of these travelers. They usually constitute a group of people looking for real freedom and exciting experiences.

Previously of starting their trips, they need to planner them carefully. And I not taking about the landscapes they will see, they should also consider all the issues related to the route from the climate, money, food, possibly some little jobs they will need to do to survive, to the red paper, wars o cultural differences between countries.

I recommend spending some weeks or even months with the preparations, including bike tools and a tent since you will probably sleep outdoors as a result of not finding proper allocation. The type of bike should fulfill your purpose. If you have previously determined the route and are sure it will pass only on pave roads, you will probably use a classic bike. On the other hand, if you pretend to ride on both roads and paths, it is better to use a mountain bike.

This is a way of making sustainable tourism and I am going to show you some of these bikers in the next posts.

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