European Cyclists’ Federation

European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) was born in 1983 with one target: To promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation. They believe their roots are in Europe, but the challenge is worldwide since bicycle is the solution to many world woes. It is partially, financially supported by the LIFE Programme of the European Union.

This European federation determined the following goals:

  • Raise the status of cycling

  • Encourage consideration of cyclists’ needs

  • Support member groups

  • Undertake scientist research

  • Enhance information and advice regarding bikes and more

  • Promote the exchange of information and expertise

  • Provide information and expertise

They work in several domains such as new technologies, economy, policy, tourism, EU cycling strategy, global policies, health, environment, parking, road safety, urban mobility or EuroVelo. Moreover, they participate in European projects to promote biking.

Scientific research is offered by free to whoever need it. Scientists for Cycling is composed by a global network of academics and individuals actively engaged in applied research, teaching and dissemination from all disciplines interested in cycling or cycling-related topics.

Although there are not all European countries members, some of their members are not European, though is does not matter because bicycle is worldwide.

How does it place in the European bike movement? Imagine a bike group or bike association in Valencia, Spain. Then, there is the Spanish association (federation) Conbici with the Valencian bike group under it. And finally, ECF acts as an umbrella with Conbici and much more bicycle groups to improve bike movement.

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