Back in 2020, humanity faced a disaster officially known as covid-19. Hundred of thousands got ill and thousands died. The negative impacts of such a pandemic are well-know, but on the other hand, there were few positive points.

Regarding the essence of this blog, the most important one was the compulsory, drastic reduction in the use of vehicles powered by a combustion engine in most countries. This was so in order to diminish contacts between people and avoid infections. At the same time, this action leaded to an unprecedented pollution reduction. It was so impressive that only climate scientists and other specialized workers in the field had previously noticed the remarkable improvement in quality air. News and scientific analyses confirmed their believes. For example, data in Valencia, Spain, showed a more than 50% drop in nitrogen dioxide, as well as an extraordinary fall in CO2 production. Similar results were measured in central European countries, Italy or China. Noise was also reduced and contributed to improve quality lives. Thus, the moral of these adopted measures to war against the virus was the less vehicles powered by a combustion engine running, the better for human health and environment.

This is a lesson for skeptical people and specially those politicians who still hinder fights against climate change. Pollution and noise negatively impact human health and using your bike is an excellent method to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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