Coffee & Bikes

One of the crowded places in the Delft Technical University (The Netherlands) is its cafeteria which is also a workshop and a bike parking. This 2018 building was projected at the square of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering with the suggestive name of Coffee & Bikes.

Interestingly, a rider can make use of its 2,100 bike parking and the two floors construction is surrounded by a mound covered with grass where one can relax between classes. Marjolein van Eig designed it inspired by the modern architecture of the Illinois Institute of Technology (USA) campus. The Coffee & Bikes presents a 5 x 6 meters steel beams grid which will ease a future enlargement and all the structure is detachable. Bikes are protected by the external parapet.

The workshop is located on the ground floor, directly connected to the bike parking, whereas the cafeteria is on the first floor. This last is accessed through external stairs and enjoys the sight. Moreover, the ceiling height varies so that the seating area is original and personality.

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