The word cochista does not exist in any Spanish dictionary. Perhaps there is an equivalent word in your mother tongue. It is a word which was made up to define a person who uses the car for everything from moving to another city to buy bread in the bakery at about two minutes walking. They believe themselves as the city owners and whatever change towards a more sustainable traffic is imposed in the streets by public institutions, causes a total, irrational rejection.

What these people does not understand, or not want to understand, is the reality. They fall for the automotive companies ads which equal cars to freedom. Quite the contrary, cars are prisons. The car owner is chained to fuel, taxes, insurances and so on. The evil impact is completed with the loss of health (pollution, disgusting noises, lack of exercise), environment (pollution and noises) and the waste of money. You know, the unique chain which frees is the bicycle one.

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