Cinecicleta (kind of “bike and cinema”, in English) is a pair of bikeaholic persons who love movies. Why is so special about the Cinecicleta project carried out by Isabel Segura and Carmelo López? Well, they spent two years bringing the magic of movies to remote, small villages in Africa. At their webpage (, you can see a short video to get some idea of their laudable work no matter if you do not know Spanish or French.

They rode 18,000 km (more than 11,184 miles) and made 217 screenings on white blankets in their journey. Best of all, they did so thanks to a portable cinema that carried in a bicycle trailer. Furthermore, they taught local people how to use it, how to produce electricity just by pedaling. So simple, so powerful. As a result, children faces watching a movie for the first time encouraged Isabel and Carmelo to continue with the project.

What’s more, Javier Zabala directed a documentary about their adventure in Africa that was released in April 2019. The method they followed was at least curious. The two adventurers were given three cameras in order to film the ride. As they fulled hard disks with material, they sent them to Spain. Here, Javier did the post-production work. As a result, the TCM channel was so satisfied with the documentary that decided to show it.

When journalists asked the couple what was the first thought when remembering the journey, they did not hesitate in answering: Freedom. And then explained, freedom consists in being lord of one’s time, that is precisely the drug which stimulate to ride again.

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