Blind cyclers

Suffering a vision impairment or becoming blind can change your live. Your plans and future projects can be disrupted, but new doors can be opened. Blind cyclers are not allowed to drive a car or a motorbike because of security purposes. However, they can continue practicing cycling with the help of a driver. Such a person comprises a key point in promoting biking thanks to their big heart.

Blindness has not stopped brave women and men to compete and win medals in Paralympic games. In such cases drivers are essential for them. Thanks to their solidarity and good hearts, tandems ride without envying not-blinded bikers. They act as their eyes, guiding them throughout the race track under a previously agreed, specific language so that the impeded person knows what to do all the time, if they need to turn to right or left, the soil they ride on and so on.

Such a challenged purpose requires drivers to be sportspersons, better if they are previously riders, if the partner wants to compete. A lot of visually impeded persons claim that practicing a sport is a fundamental tool to feel integration in society, even if it constitutes an important effort.

You know, experiencing a vision impairment is a shock at the beginning, but once the period of mourning is passed, bike gives a lot of fun and pleasure.

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