Bike monuments

Monuments have been using to honor or commemorate somebody or something for ages. Kings, conquerors or discoverers overcrowd them as it comes to persons. Regarding buildings, there is a myriad of them with different architectures across the world. Thus, we are used to seeing them in most cities.

What is more surprising is to come across with a bike monument. This is a structure in which a bicycle appears alone or as part of a sculptural ensemble. As the bike movement develops, more and more bike monuments are built to express the change that society is experiencing. Similarly to queens and kings sculptures, bike monuments constitute what people gives importance.

Perhaps there are more bikers collecting bike monuments, but I only know one person who is truly doing this. In the Bicimonumentos (in Spanish)  webpage one can consult bike monuments in a lot of countries. It is impressive realizing that the love for bikes is so widespread. By the way, if you want to send it some bike monuments photos or locations, you can do it by sending a private message to Also, the blog could receive bike monuments information but I am not completely sure about this last point.

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