Ávaro Neil (Biciclown) is probably the person who is riding its bike for most time. He started riding in 2001 and has continued until now. A thing he can not ride with is its clown costume with whom he makes children laughing as he has been clown since 1989. You can find the trips he has done (and is still doing) and be stunned in (in Spanish). He receives help from people and counts with more than 30 sponsors which support him. Moreover, he has written six books, gives conferences, makes theater and adventure consultancy…

He launched the project Kilometers of smiles as he called it his first great travel on bike from 2001 to 2003. The bike attraction is so powerful that he felt the need to ride it again. Thus, he started a round-the-world trip in 2004 and he is expected to finish it this year. There is a nice video on his web on which you can see the pretended route he is riding.

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