Avoid bicycle thefts

How can I avoid bike thefts? There are several points you can do:

  • Always use good bike locks when locking it. For instance, follow the advices here and here

  • Lock your bike to solid, robust objects.

  • Lock your bike in place of passages. This way someone can see a theft and call the police or at least threaten him to do it.

  • If you can, select strategist places to lock your bicycle near such as police stations.

  • Do not let your bike rest at night under the stars, better allow it to do it indoor.

  • Perhaps use a psychological trick like this one

  • Never buy a bicycle without receipt. If you do not follow this advice, you are probably supporting bike thieves and the black market.

  • If you can, do not legally buy a colorful bike since this fact attract people eyes including the thieves ones.

  • Decorate your bike with an anti theft sticker. Not sure if this would stop a theft, but at least it can make you laugh:

One thought on “Avoid bicycle thefts

  1. Cycling Joe

    Thank you for the pointers. I am eager to add security to my bike since my other one was stolen a few days ago. Thank you for the list. This would help me a lot!


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