A solar bike

Riding a bike is considered as environmentally efficient because energy is produced by the pedals movement. If an electric bicycle is used, then part of it is provided by a normally external battery in order to reduce the effort that cyclists make. Going a step further, the solar bikes highlight since the solar light propels them. But how can I build a solar bike?

There are several ways of doing it. For instance, the solar bike based on a bicycle trailer. Here you need:

  • The proper trailer

  • At least one solar panel

  • One external battery

  • One electrical transformer

  • Wires

  • Of course, a bike

  • Gadgets

In a few words, the electrical installation starts with the solar panel which collects energy from the sun and a wire brings it to the battery. The battery stocks up the energy. Next, energy from the battery goes through another wire to the electrical transformer. The electrical transformer allows to use it. At the exit of this gadget the third wire allows electricity to reach the gadgets we want. It is advisable to secure all the elements with bridles or a horizontal surface like the picture. Also, take into account the extra weight of the whole installation.

By the way, if want to know what is the Zima project, check this web: https://www.zimaproject.org/en/home/

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