A different bike line

Riding a bike uses to be a happy activity. If you do it in a park or a forest, then it turns into a relaxed, quiet trip. The relation of bicycles with environment has been deeply studied regarding the avoidance of pollution and the replacement of motor vehicles. As you know, bike lines constitute the specific paths for bikes. It would be ideal if these points could be joint in a unique infrastructure.

It turn out that this building already exist. Genk is a city in Belgium which has made it possible. They were to build a bike line in a park, but faced a problem: How to cross a lake. Engineers thought over it with the intention of integrating it into nature. So, traditional bridges were discarded. Finally, they came up with the following:

Every cyclist I know want to ride it. It is awesome, marvelous, cool, you name it. And above all, it represents the complete integration of bikes with environment. The optic effect makes as if those bikers were riding on the water, although it presents a little trick:

When raining, the special pavement and the lateral guides evacuate the water.

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