A damned curve

Shared streets between bikes and pedestrians are usually problematic. Distractions or lack of awareness are common causes for accidents. I talked about why bike-lines should not be on sidewalks without a physical barrier to make it clear on what part pedestrians walk and on what zone bicycles should ride. The height of hypocrisy is highlighted in situations like this:


On the photo one can see a shared sidewalk (blue signal) which is itself a potential cause of accident and the awful route with the corner with no visibility whatsoever. If this was a street only for pedestrians or in other words bikes do not ride on it, it would be right. But the moment somebody decided bikes should invade this space, a potential chaos can be done. In addition, the avenue next to it has four car lines for each direction. The solution here would be creating a bike-line by transforming one car line. This way every actor in the scene (pedestrians, bikes and cars) would have its own space physically separated so that accidents would be virtually zero.

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